Project Debrief

After many months of development, a minimum viable product was delivered by IT. Our team felt it was not ready for testing or launch. Due to constraints previously listed and new developments with our HRIS strategy this project continues to be on hold. I still collect feedback from managers in preparation for the opportunity to continue this project.

During this project, I really enjoyed designing the framework and components of the design. Organizing the information and making the process logical, responsive and smart for managers was really fun. I also appreciated the challenge to empathize with our managers and help others do the same. This process helped me to not take anything for granted; questioning everything raised the potential to produce the most valuable solution possible.

Wireframe Homepage

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Online Job Opening Requisition

Project Summary

The job opening requisition is a high traffic form used by managers to fulfill talent needs for their department. We decided to make the form digital in order to provide a smarter, more responsive and efficient experience for our managers. My role was to guide the development team in the design and functionality of the form. I collaborated with our IT analyst and development team in order to engineer this form online.  


By making the job opening requisition form digital we could get more accurate data much faster and then make smarter and faster hiring decisions as a result. We wanted the users to have a seamless process that was logical and efficient, no matter what type of position they were trying to fill. There was no delivered process for this in our HRIS therefore, we had to build this form from scratch. The IT team had many simultaneous projects so there was little time to complete this project, this required us to be lean in our design.


To prevent existing pain points from continuing in the new process  we created a high level process flow map and I then mapped out every step the user takes in a user flow list. As a result, I was able to pinpoint major stop gaps that could be resolved in the digital design.


To get a clearer vision for the project, I planned out all the design specifications including the types of forms, populated fields, drop down list selections and approval workflows. Then using Balsamiq, I created a prototype providing the team with a visual guide of what the end product should look like. 

Prototype of Home Page, made with Balsamiq

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Skills Summary

"I've had the pleasure of working with Candra on the ePerformance
project. Candra is a very strong communicator. She was able to convey
to us developers her vision of the product as well as the requirements
of each individual feature. She was very responsive in providing
clarifications and timely feedback. She was also very flexible when
new information required a shifting of priorities." 
- Chuck Huang, Project Developer