A Brief UX Interview

with Candra Garrett

1. How long have you been in your field?

I studied Psychology for 5 years which includes 2.5 years doing human subjects research. The last 5 years I've been in Human Resources doing Enterprise Design projects.


Through these experiences and my eventual UX enlightenment in 2016 I came to realize that the UX premise and philosophy comes naturally to me and I had been applying these principles all along under guises such as "process improvement" and "customer service". 

To see a couple of projects where I applied UX resources and methodologies, view my portfolio.


2. What is your interest in user experience design?

I like that it’s focused on REAL people and their REAL needs learned through humble but intentional discovery. I’m really interested in the intersection between and companies’ products or services and a consumers’ needs and/or desires – UX seems to address this directly.


3. What other things have you done in your life that influence how you do UX?

I think because of my background in HR I will continue to empathize employees who market, sell or support a product for their company. Those employees often care about the product they offer and want to make it better so I see them as a core contributor to the product's success in the marketplace. 


4. How do you stay up to date in UX?

I read a lot. I am subscribed to a number of publications from companies including the FuzzyMath Blog, UX Mastery.com, UX Mastery Community Digest, IDEO, AIGA, GravityTank, DevBridge, UX Booth and Medium to name a few. I like keeping up with these but when I have a particular curiosity I seek it out on the good ‘ol World Wide Web and it usually leads to more questions I then explore – a UX black hole if you will.

Also, for about a year now I've been attending as many UX related events as I can to learn more about UX design and meet others in the field. The UX community is incredible and their feedback has been truly invaluable.


5. Where do you look for inspiration?

I am inspired by human/business problems, which are everywhere so I look around! I am interested in how human centered design aims to solve these types of problems. The UX design toolbox has a lot of great resources to offer and I would like to apply more of them to the problems I see around me.


6. What five words would you use to describe yourself?

Serious(ly-funny), Clever, Curious, Ambitious & Strong.


7. What do you find is the most difficult thing about doing UX?

Finding that initial UX opportunity is my current challenge. I think I could be an asset to any employer who is looking for somebody with the right set of UX soft skills and is willing to learn.


8. What do you love most about UX?

I like how pragmatic it is. I like how research focused it is. I love that it’s people centered.


9. Which websites or products do you most like or dislike, and why?


Good sites:

Atlanta Botanical Garden. I revisited recently and it’s changed – I’m pretty sad about it! I liked the 2012 version – the various menu options had corresponding but varied chime sounds when your cursor went over them – a very full sensory experience in a website!


Chicago Botanic Garden Website is pretty cool also… so I’m a plant nerd OKAY?


Additionally, I really like the Starbucks app interface. It’s pretty intuitive and a really clean interface overall. However, since my husband and I share an account we each get alerted when the other buys anything – not allowing secret coffee purchases is a bad UX in my very humble but well caffeinated opinion!


Needs Improvement:

My company’s current HRIS because as my customers so often say “It’s just not very intuitive” and I couldn’t agree more!

I'm a big fan of Target and use their cartwheel app regularly. They've improved it greatly in the 3+ years I've been using it but I see more opportunities for improvement still.


I think The Weather Channel interface could use a refresh. I suspect it has so much traffic already so I think there is a lot of potential to engage more given that the right experience is put in place. 

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